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There is no actual price point for MoneyBuyApp. The client does not pay a fee for the service. The advantages of working with us are trust, cooperation, diligence, and community care.

MoneyBuyApp takes in money from a community and redistributes the money using a patent-pending Money By App. There are three (3) redistribution levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. At Platinum Level, the person deposits $500 into the MoneyBuyApp and, in turn, receives $2500. At the Gold Level, the person deposits $100 and, in turn, receives $500. And, at the Silver Level, a person deposits $25 and receives $125.

The mission of MoneyBuyApp is to those in dire financial need. However, the MoneyBuyApp is not limited to any qualified persons. Our selling point is an immediate lifeline for those who need financial help and may not qualify for more loans or may have lost their jobs or their businesses.

Yes, you can. By investing more, not only will you be helping yourself get faster returns but also be contributing to community success.

Once the eviction band is lifted, tens of thousands of people face being evicted. Those who accepted deferred mortgage payment plans will have to repay the back payments or face massive foreclosures. We help the community by giving them access to capital as quickly and easily as possible, without any payments or interest accruing to the beneficiaries. We take the approach that, through a cooperative effort, everyone can survive and prosper.

Yes, for us helping you is the only thing that matters. We don’t use your information without your consent. We also have a strict data confidentiality policy to ensure your trust in us remains strong.

There is no guarantee as to the amount of time the money is transferred into the client’s account. This is determined by the algorithms and the number of people participating in one of the three (3) payment levels. Obviously, the more people who participate, the faster you receive a payout.

Download the App and register yourself with us – it’s that simple.

Our service area is limited to the United States. Global services for Money By Apps, LLC will come online January 2022. We offer our services through a wholly-owned website, titled,

All our potential customers will be required to download the app. This app will allow you to select your desired package (Platinum, Gold, or Silver Level), fill out the relevant information, and deposit the prerequisite amount of money based on the amount of money they want to receive back.

Download the App and Be A Part of This Community-Based Money Redistribution Movement

Feel Free to Ask Any Questions for All Your Queries and Concerns.

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