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Who We Are?

At MoneyBuyApp, we help people get through these rough times during the pandemic through a community effort. MoneyBuyApp is designed to help people help themselves. MoneyBuyApp is built on the idea of helping out the community build a better future for themselves. In the midst of this pandemic, where people are suffering from economic difficulties, MoneyBuyApp has opened doors of opportunities for those who need financial aid and assistance.

MoneyBuyApp serves as an immediate lifeline for those who need financial help and may not qualify for more loans or may have lost their jobs or their businesses. We lend a helping hand to people in a state of survival like inability to make mortgage payments, facing massive foreclosures or suffering from hunger.

What We Do

At MoneyBuyApp, we take money from the community and redistribute the money using a patent-pending Money By App. MoneyBuyApp offers three distinct redistribution levels:

Platinum Gold Silver
Deposit $500 Deposit $100 Deposit $25
Receive $2,500 Receive $500 Receive $125

MoneyBuyApp takes in money, bundles it and pays the money back out to the participants. People who are unemployed, underemployed, facing foreclosure and eviction, overburdened with credit card debt and student loans are prime beneficiaries of MoneyBuyApp.

Our Values

MoneyBuyApp is built on the foundations of


We carry the trust of our community members, which we earned by offering timely financial returns to turn their lives around.


Our team is highly cooperative and will do everything to ensure you find the solutions to all your problems at MoneyBuyApp.


We have a diligent team of professionals who work 24/7 to ensure your money is invested at all the right places, offering consistent returns.

Community Care

At MoneyBuyApp, our purpose is to serve the community and help people fight their struggles in times of crisis.

Our Team

Owner & CEO

Samuel C. Evans is the mind behind and the owner of Money By Apps, LLC. Evans served as Regional Chief, U. S. Department of the Treasury, in Atlanta, Georgia. He also served as Chairman, Capital Access and Credit Committee, National Advisory Council, Washington, DC. And as Chairman, Advisory Council, Region IV, Small Business Administration, Atlanta, Georgia.

Samuel received numerous awards, starting with being decorated twice in Viet Nam. Two (2) Honorary Doctorate degrees, Benjamin Franklin Bronze Medal for Public Service, and many others.

Our Mission

The mission of MoneyBuyApp is to those in dire financial need. We offer no restrictions and limitations to any qualified persons. Our secondary goal is to give access to capital as quick and easy as possible without any payments or interest accruing to the beneficiaries.

Our philosophy is: through a cooperative effort, everyone can survive.

Few words about us

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